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Tuesday, 27 January 2009 22:01
The great problem in reconstructing a history is deciding what actually happened. Newspapers, letters, magazines, meeting minutes, etc. all provide threads of fairly reliable history to what happened at various times. Unfortunately, not everything that happened was reported in the media of the day, or was recorded in documents that can be found by today's historian. Documented histories are usually strong on reliable information, but may have "holes" where documents didn't record all that occurred.

Oral traditions and transcribed memories are sometimes all there is left to document historical events. Usually the reliability of these sources decay in proportion to the time that has elapsed since the events occurred. Undocumented histories are frequently more interesting to read, as they are developed from interviews with those who were present at the distant events, from stories passed down through generations, and from "general wisdom".

Watonala Lodge 169 has both an undocumented origin and a documented origin. These two origins begin about ten years apart in time, but both attest to the early dedication of our Scouts to the Order Of The Arrow, Scouting's National Honor Society.
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