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Board index OUT OF COUNCIL CAMPING LOCATIONS, OVER 250 MILES Buffalo Point (Yellville, AR)

Buffalo Point (Yellville, AR)

A national campground, federally operated, well maintained, in the Ozark Mountains. Close to Blanchard Springs, Ozark Folk Center, other attractions. Approximately 430 miles from the Council Office.

Buffalo Point (Yellville, AR)

Postby AllenMcB » Tue Jul 10, 2007 8:57 am

Report from a Troop 45 visit in July, 2007.

Located on the western shore of the Buffalo National River, this federal campground is a great place to camp. They have individual campsites (somewhat crowded, all adjoining each other) that was filled with RVs this past July Fourth.

The group campsites (there are five of these) are on a separate road by themselves. Group sites 4 and 5 have a nice pavilion area nearby, with flush toilets and wash basins adjacent. Group sites require a minimum of 10 people, and a maximum of 25 people.

There are hot showers 7/10s of a mile from the group campsites. The showers are economical units. The water is one temperature, no hot/cold controls, and the person using the shower has to hold a button down to make the water run. There are two shower stalls on each end of the building, two wash basins, and two toilets.

The shower buildings are wheelchair accessible, and have a wheelchair accessible bathroom stall, but the latrine building in the group campground is not wheelchair accessible.

The Buffalo River is within hearing distance (300 feet?) of the individual campsites, and is bordered by a gravel bar on the campground side, and a rock cliff on the other side. The water is green and clear, not very deep, and makes for great swimming.

Each group campsite has a grill and established fire ring, and four picnic tables. The tables are concrete and about 60 feet apart fro each other.

The group campground fees are $3 per person per night, and if you want to reserve a group site, the reservation fee is an additional $30/night. I suppose you could save the reservation fee by just showing up and hoping for the best, but if you have a group, making a reservation is the best idea.

The campground is within a five minutes drive to several canoe outfitters, such as Dillard's, Wild Bills, and others.

There's plenty of shade everywhere at this campground.

The weekend prior to the Fourth the place was packed, but by the following Monday, we were the only people in the group campsite, and the individual sites were about half empty.

This site is 20 minutes from Yellville, 45 minutes from Mountain Home, and 40 minutes from Mountain View.

Phone number for the campsite is 870-449-4311.

To make a reservation at any national campsite, visit www.Recreation.Gov.

To visit the specific page for Buffalo Point, CLICK HERE. From this page, you can see a map of the campsites (group sites are numbers G1 - G5), make a reservation, get extra info, etc. You can pay for the reservation online with a credit card.

Commissioner Brian Wells provided a good set of directions on how to get there the quickest. The path was

Columbus to Winona (82W)
Winona to Memphis (I-55N)
Memphis to Jonesboro (I-55N, then 63W)
Jonesboro to Imboden (62/412W)
Imboden to Yellville (62/412W)
Yellville to Buffalo Point (14 East)
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