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Jan. 2007 Followup On Little Mountain

On the Natchez Trace, this is a quiet, under-utilized state park with good facilities for hiking, camping, and picnicking.

Jan. 2007 Followup On Little Mountain

Postby AllenMcB » Mon Jan 22, 2007 12:25 pm

Troop 45 spent a good weekend at Little Mountain, arriving early Saturday afternoon and leaving late morning Sunday. We were the only campers in the park.

The Scouts spent the afternoon exploring the trails in the park, and spent Saturday night playing Capture The Flag on top of Little Mountain.

A great event was seeing three young deer on the south side of the peak Saturday afternoon, and five minutes later seeing a flock of 15-20 wild turkey on the north side of the peak.

The folks at the nearby store (same former Scout was still there!) said the park has a lot of activity from RV campers in the summer and the fall, but almost no activity in the winter months. (The store closed at 6:00 PM.)

The restrooms were clean and well stocked, and even somewhat warm, despite the cold weather. The restroom lights come on based on an optic sensor, so any time it's dark, the lights are on inside.

Most of the water fountains had been turned off for the season to prevent freezing, but the water pump near the restrooms was working, so we had plenty of fresh water.

A National Park Ranger cruised the camp area Saturday night, which was a good thing to see. Other than the ranger and a couple of folks out driving, we had the park to ourselves.

To see more of the park, visit www.BSATroop45.Org , visit the HISTORY link, and look under the year 2007.
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