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Board index OUT OF COUNCIL CAMPING LOCATIONS, UNDER 250 MILES Moundville Archeological Park Campgrounds (Tuscaloosa, AL)

Moundville Archeological Park Campgrounds (Tuscaloosa)

This is a great campsite next door to the UAB Moundville Archeological Park, about fifteen minutes south of Tuscaloosa.

Moundville Archeological Park Campgrounds (Tuscaloosa)

Postby AllenMcB » Thu Jul 13, 2006 2:56 pm

Moundville, AL
14 miles south of Tuscaloosa, AL
Phone: 205-371-2234
Moundville Archaeological Park is located 14 miles south of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, on Highway 69 South. From Highway I-20/59 take exit 71A and proceed 13 miles south. The park entrance will be located on your right on Highway 69.

This is a secluded, well shaded campground with electrical hookups and water at each campsite, and modern restroom/bath house facilities. The bath house has hot water whenever the temperature is above freezing, which is almost all the time.

At the time of this writing, the park manager is allowing Scout units to put as many tents as they wish on one campsite, and the unit pays $10/night for the site. There is a $3 fee per person, one time, to tour the park.

Non-Scoyuts should call for camp reservations and fees.

800 years ago, the Moundville area was the largest city in North America. It is populated today by 26 mounds, and the purpose of most of them remains a mystery. The UAB maintains the park, has an avctive archeological laboratory there (off-limits to the public), a neat museum and an affordable (no, it's not overpriced) gift shop. There is a mock up of an Indian Village there, it borders the Black Warrior River, and it would be easy to spend half a day just looking around.

This is very convenient to our council, and wold be a great place for working on the archeology merit badge.
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